Mississippi ASBDA

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What is the ASBDA?
When the ASBDA was founded by Dale C. Harris and the other charter members who attended the organizing convention in November of 1953, the intent was to draw together some of the finest minds and best teachers nationally for the purpose of helping influence the direction and furthering the cause of good music in the nation's public schools. Therefore it was decided that prospective members must have taught at least seven years and their work was to be in every way exemplary. Furthermore, a candidate must be endorsed by the state in which he/she resides and in addition receive the overall endorsement of the association itself. In this way the collective thinking of the organization would have the common denominator of successful achievement. Although the problems faced in the 50's were different in many respects than those facing us today the framework upon which the organization was founded has withstood the rigors of maturation and now stands in a position of mature leadership. Leadership which can be of great positive value to a somewhat endangered profession.

ASBDA today stands for:
  1. A Strong Belief In The Concert Band As The Focus Of The Curriculum
    That is, the concert band as the focus of a curriculum which teaches MUSIC AS ART and thereby justifies its existence within the limits of those precious minutes allotted to the school day. At the same time we as an organization recognize the validity of a well taught program of jazz instruction as well as a stimulating and well taught experience in marching band. ASBDA feels strongly, however, that the latter are of secondary import to the former and should remain that way in the total band curriculum.
  2. ASBDA Was Meant To Be A Self-Help Organization 
    We believe that there is a good deal of strength in collective expertise and thus have from the beginning undertaken a program of study and group research into those aspects of our craft that deserve attention and/or substantiating. These research documents, published each year, have become a motherlode of information for not only the association but to others outside the organization who request them.
  3. ASBDA Believes In Close Communication With Administrators and the Trends Which Influence Their Decisions
    Therefore we have sponsored a liaison with the National Association of Secondary School Principals or the American Association of School Administrators - covering their national convention in depth and making a full report available to the membership. These reports have been invaluable to directors who realize their worth in maintaining the direction and integrity of their programs.
  4. ASBDA Stands for the Recognition of Great Achievement in the Field of Band Music
    Towards this end the association has established two prestigious awards. Named after Edwin Franko Goldman and A.A. Harding, these awards honor with dignity and distinction great individual achievement in the field of band music. It is significant that this recognition is extended to honorees both as members and nonmembers of ASBDA.
  5. Finally, ASBDA Stands For Those Intrinsic Benefits Which Come From the Gathering of Quality Minds Attracted to the Solving of Professional Issues of National Significance
    This last may be yet of the foremost in importance for there is no clinic or class as valuable as a spirited discussion with someone in your profession whose ideas you value and respect. Our yearly national conventions serve as platforms for performance and essential dialogue. By means of these conventions plus the ongoing research and study programs ASBDA can provide essential data that can be of significant value to the development and shaping of our nations band programs in the years ahead.